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Mabel and Tristan - Private Villa in Playa del Carmen

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

We are a French-Mexican couple who admire nature a lot, he is a cave diver and we respect the jungle and the Mayan culture immensely, we appreciate living in this area so rich in natural environments and we wanted something outside of the common beach wedding.

We have a very mixed personality, I (Mabel) like sobriety, black and white, but at the same time, being Latina, I like noise, people, parties, etc. Tristan was a groom who attended all the pre planning meetings because he likes to give his opinion, he likes to get involved in the things that matter to him, like his wedding, lover of nature, folklore and art.

We are a couple that after so many years together we are still happy and we love each other for being so different, we never get bored of each other.

How and why did you choose the location of this event? Because from the moment we saw it, we had no doubt that it was the place we wanted.

We wanted a Mayan ceremony, there was no better place than a cenote for it and this house had everything, the cenote in the jungle and a house with a terrace and a spectacular interior, dreamlike, sculptures outside and inside, the same house was a work of art in the middle of the Mexican jungle that perfectly combined our tastes, elegance, art and nature.

I would highlight that the pictures were not posed, authentic moments were captured from the point of view of the people who accompanied us. They are very natural pictures that perfectly capture the beauty of the place but also our happiness for this special day.

The atmosphere was magical, the whole environment of the jungle and the Mayan ceremony was very special for us and the guests. A memorable moment was also the trash the dress to culminate everything by swimming in a cenote ... and with the wedding dresses it was an extraordinary cleansing of energies.

We loved being part of your special day!


Photography: Amorcito Corazon Studio

Coordination: Events Weddings Mexico and Playa Wedding



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