Let us guide you through the different ceremonies…




The Civil Ceremony is recognized as legal throughout the world, the duration is between 15 and 20 minutes. The ceremony is performed in Spanish (with English translation).

It can take place on a beach or private location. The Judge’s speech is set and cannot be changed.

Legal requirements will be:

  • Copy of passports and tourist card (issued at the airport upon arrival).

  • Blood test for V.D.R.L., H.I.V. and R.H. and health certificate (Blood tests and Health Certificate must be done in Mexico. You need to enter our Country at least 3 days before the wedding in order to have the necessary time to process paper work).

  • 4 witnesses: over the age of 18 and present during the ceremony in order to sign marriage certificate (with copy and original of their passports and tourist cards). In case you don’t have witnesses, we can help you find them.

  • Completed application form (with names, surnames, age, occupation, place of birth and home address of applicants and their parents).

  • Birth certificate, if applicable (apostilled and translated by an expert translator. You will need it only if you would like your parents name on your marriage certificate or if you have changed your surname to the one of your ex-husband and you would like your family surname in the new marriage certificate).

You will receive a not legal certificate after the wedding. In order to receive the proper “Acta de Matrimonio”, you will need to wait sometimes up to 3 months. We send it to Chetumal to be registered and for an “apostille” to be given (you will in this way be able to make it legal in your country as well). Once we receive the authorized copy we will send it to you via DHL and you will be able to register it in your City Hall.



The symbolic ceremony will not have to adhere to government laws and will give you the ability to incorporate elements that are distinctly you as a couple. It is the ceremony to go with if you want to be able to customize it and to add unique parts that represent your love.

We can suggest you different kind of Officiants, or you can have one of your friends or loved ones officiate. Officiant will talk briefly about love, the importance of respect, family life etc. You can add details such as readings of your own religion or your beliefs and sand ceremony (where the couple pours various colors of sand from separate containers, into one special container, the unity vase, symbolizing their coming together as one). It might be as well a meaningful way to renew your vows, or if you are already married in your country.

No documents required.
The ceremony can be performed in English or Spanish.
Approximate duration: depends on the kind of ceremony (between 20 and 40 minutes).



Unite your souls with a spiritual wedding ceremony, that will introduce your bonding to the four universal corners through mayan prehispanic ancestral culture and tradition. Our Xmen (Shaman, the one that communicates between the two worlds) will marry you in mayan language with translation to Spanish/English. The same ceremony can also be completely held  in your language.

You can choose between a mayan traditional Ceremony, where our officiants will wear white clothes, or a prehispanic mayan Ceremony, full of feathers and colors, blended with the Aztec culture of the center of Mexico.

No documents required. The duration of the ceremony is 30/40 minutes.
What happens during a mayan wedding? Have a look at real ceremonias...



If you don’t practice or you don’t feel any religion as yours, but you believe in God, the Universe (or any way you want to name it), a spiritual wedding ceremony could be the best option for you.

We will require your birth dates in order to determine your sign in the Mayan Calendar (Want to find out more?): during the ceremony we will say few words about your energy as a couple, where you are heading to, which will be the obstacles you will find and how you will be able to overcome them.

We will then walk you through different rituals of union, that will symbolize your love for each other.

You can add details of your own religion or your beliefs.
No documents required. The duration of the ceremony is 30 minutes.



Catholics couples can get married just in local churches, not at the beach. If you really want a beach ceremony, you could better try a symbolic wedding with catholic elements in it.

A Catholic wedding in Mexico is approved as official when all the requirements have been fulfilled. Requirements for a Catholic Wedding:

  • Contact your local priest, deacon or parish to start a marriage preparation. You should start at least 6 months before the wedding date.

  • The completed Pre-nuptial investigation form they will give you at your diocese.

  • Pre-marriage courses completed (the Pre-Cana certificate is required 60 days before the wedding).

  • Your parish should give you a special permission, to get married outside of your diocese. This permission must be approved by your parish’s diocese.

  • A current original copy of the Baptismal certificate of the Catholic party.

Once all of the requirements have been completed, your local church will send all documents to the Mexican priest. Couple must arrive a minimum of 3 days prior to the wedding, in order to submit all documents.

The ceremony can be performed in English or Spanish.

Approximate duration 30 minutes.




There is an American ordained Rabbi in Riviera Maya with who we normally work with. He can officiate traditional, contemporary and interfaith Jewish weddings.

In case of an Indian or Persian wedding, you should bring your own Officiant.

We can plan any kind of wedding!