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Updated: Jan 5, 2023

To achieve our dreams, we start with making that call, send that message or have the first contact with those who will do everything in their power to make them come true.

A gift of life is being able to see others achieve their dreams, in the same way that we enjoy the realization of our own. For me, a gift on my birthday was receiving a message from Alix, who had the illusion of creating a world of magic to seal her love with Eric; That was the beginning of the creation of the world of Pandora, within the mystical and exuberant Mayan jungle.

I have seen our team work on all kinds of events that have left us with good memories and fascinating experiences, and this was no exception. From the start it was exciting, and for months, we had fun organizing and polishing what would culminate in a glowing, neon 11 11. Something totally from another world.

Ceremony: @Spirituality Riviera Maya

Video: @photographer_cancun.mexico

It was extremely exciting to see the beautiful couple, family and guests, with happy faces and big smiles, plants, flowers, refreshing drinks, music and endless details, all resplendent together in the beautiful setting created for them; It was like being immersed in an atmosphere with a life of its own, which wrapped you in a vibrant neon blanket.

Thank you Alix and Eric for letting us realize your dream and making us part of it. We wish you a long and bright life together! "We see you"

Sara, I don't have enough words to thank you for all your patience, your help and contribution to our special day! I really would never have been able to organize such a spectacular event without you :) You are such a beautiful person and I could not have had a better wedding planner. We will always carry you in our hearts and we will keep in touch for the next event in Mexico :)

With much love Alix & Eric.

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