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Mexico Elopement

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Daniela & Luis contacted me while on holiday in Playa del Carmen.

"We are staying here just few more days and

we found out this morning that we are pregnant! It is so important for us

to celebrate a spiritual union and to seal our love with a ceremony in mayan lands,

we want to live this incredible experience to bless the new life we are carrying!"

We were absolutely excited about their story, we called Spirituality Riviera Maya and That Moment Photo straight away and we could set up this magic elopement in just 2 days.

Riviera Maya's cenotes are mystical, sacred waters in mayan tradition. We choosed this stunning location in Playa del Carmen for the ceremony.

This magical journey started with 15 minutes walk in the middle of nature: cel phones don't have line here and the only sounds you can appreciate are the birds singing and the wind blowing through the trees.






Daniela & Luis decided for a spiritual ancestral union. Ceremonies are slightly different depending on the officiant and his/her understanding of the cosmos. Feathers and colours are related to the ancient Anahuac tradition of knowledge that existed in Mexico.

The sound of the corn shell welcome them to the ceremony, in mayan tradition it’s used to let the elements and the invisible guardians of nature know that we are going to have an important ceremony of union of souls. The altar in the center, an offering prepared to honor the four elements givers of life, that inhabit as well within us:

earth is my body,

water my blood,

air is my breath,

fire my spirit.

After different rituals, they received a shower of flower petals (to attract abundance and harmony) and they ended up jumping in the cenote (this is not part of the ritual, but we really suggest you to do it, it’s a lot of fun), swimming in the sacred waters to receive the blessings even deeper. May the elements givers of life bring prosperity to the path of this couple.


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