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  • Sara

Vows renewal: prehispanic mayan wedding ceremony in a sacred open cenote.

Aurelia and Chris met many moons ago, on a warm summers night one new years eve. Aurelia caught Chris' eye, being the only one wearing red at an all white party.

Fending off plenty of suitors, Chris managed to peak aurelia's interest and an intimate moment getting to know each other before Aurelia left the event ensured that a sparkling connection was made. At the time Aurelia was not interested in a relationship, however Chris knew there was something special here and was willing to wait patiently untill she was ready.

This willingness to wait intrigued aurelia and over time the couple bloomed like flowers following the seasons.

The relationship has kept growing organically and a deeply rooted foundation of love has allowed them both to grow and evolve, both as individuals and as a couple year after year, bringing peace and an unshakable bond to each of their lives.

Today marks a very special moment in their time as a couple, the closing of one portal and the opening of a new one, celebrating a brand new chapter together on their 10 year anniversary. We accompained you during this celebration with all the best intentions, prehispanic music and the smell of the sacred incense copal. We guided you through different rituals to seal your love and we wish you many more years together!


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