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Wellness Retreat - Health, Yoga and Sound Healing

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

In the last months, we have all become more aware that health is our greatest wealth.

To conquer health is necessary to know how to build a conscious and balanced lifestyle and at the same time, it is vitally important to train our minds to accept changes and integrate them into our daily life.

During this retreat, we will explain to you through a scientific approach how your body works, how we can naturally strength our immune system and why conscious rest (such as meditation, yoga, sound healing, etc.), smart nutrition and balanced activity are decisive for maintaining and increasing our energy levels. You will experience different activities to balance your body, mind and spirit.

Let us guide you through your new conscious lifestyle!

Join our personalized program that will completely revitalize you here in the magi-cal Riviera Maya!

Enjoy everything that surrounds you! Allow yourself to observe reality with new eyes, without so much conditioning, without so much programming, without identifying with so many belief systems, but rather, simply observing, being conscious viewers of this beautiful reality, loving the forms that approach and vanish, scenarios, beings... embracing accepting, and thanking... and letting go of struggle, fighting or resistance.


* 4 days and 3 nights in double occupancy.

* Food and beverage (breakfast, brunch, fresh juices and soft drinks, flavored waters, lunch, teas, coffee, snacks, dinner).

* Yoga class every day.

* Meditation session, bones and muscular alignment, relaxation and conscious breathing every day.

* Music therapy session with cristal bowls and gongs inside and outside the pool.

* Cacao ceremony and sound healing.

* 1 relaxing and decontracting massage.

* Informative talks about the “immunity formula” and how to build a balanced conscious lifestyle.

* Informative talk about the sacred Mayan count and personalized reading of your energy.

* 695 usd per person in double or single occupancy.

* 20 minutes massage and 20 minutes sacred Mayan reading included.

You can book extra personalized activities:

* Upgrade your massage or reading to 60 minutes.

* Acupuncture.

* Personalized soundhealing session.

* Reiki session.



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