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Prehispanic wedding floating on a platform, on top of a sacred Cenote in Playa del Carmen

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

When Brisa contacted me, she said that she loved the platform location in the cenote she saw on our webpage, but she was a little bit worried about keeping the balance on top of it.

“I would like to try it first, is it possible?”

They came to Playa del Carmen on holiday and we went on a site inspection.

This was the first time for That Moment Photo at this amazing location, so we went on a scouting fun trip together. This magical journey started with 15 minutes walk in the middle of nature: cel phones don't have line here and the only sounds you can appreciate are the birds singing and the wind blowing through the trees.

Brisa and Yeiko tried to both go on top of the platform and I went on with Niccolo, the photographer, so we could simulate the presence of other two people on top of it. (During the wedding ceremony normally the officiant, the guardian of ancestral wisdom, is accompained by a sahumadora (woman with sacred incense, to smudge and elevate the energy of thoughts and emotions).

They felt in love even more with the location and we could go on with the planning easily.






On their wedding day the light was just perfect (we choosed the best light time for this cenote: 12.30 pm) and the pictures are stunning.

The sound of the corn shell welcome Brisa & Yeiko to the ceremony, in mayan tradition it’s used to let the elements and the invisible guardians of nature know that we are going to have an important ceremony of union of souls. The altar in the center, an offering prepared to honor the four elements givers of life, that inhabit as well within us: earth is my body, water my blood, air is my breath and fire my spirit.

We loved the detail of Brisa’s mum picture on her bouquet. She wanted her to be present during this important step of their lives.

After the ceremony and the pictures, the group went back to their hotel to an informal lunch.

Brisa comment:

We cannot be happier for all the support, professionalism and help from Spirituality Riviera Maya. One of the best experiences of our life, we would not change it for anything, everything was much better than we thought. Thank you Sara!

In order to receive quality pictures, professionalism, creativity, and perfection for the most important day, without a doubt we recommend the best: That Moment Photo and Video!! Thank you very much guys for such a beautiful job, it has been almost 2 months since the event and I can't stop seeing the photos and the video, they are amazing!! Thank you for all your support, you exceeded our expectations.

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