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Mayan traditional wedding ceremony in a magical cave

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

In the Riviera Maya is common to find special locations for a wedding, like a wondeful beach, a boat in a lagoon, a super luxurious hotel, various types of cenotes, open or with cave. This last one is the case of a wedding as special as it was the day Maite & Pablo celebrated their spiritual union.

The couple decided on this wonderful location near Tulum for their traditional Mayan wedding ceremony, cenote with cave and floating platform for the ceremony.

Who chooses this unique option to unite their lives in the center of the Earth, is not only uniting earthly love but also ancestral and spiritual. The four elements that govern our planet (Earth, Fire, Wind and Water) and the four main cardinal points, open the way that they have to travel for the harmonious conjunction, fusing the superior energy so that the new couple will be highly consecrated in divine love.

The true friends and family accompaning the couple become witnesses of a sacred union and the nature raises everyone’s spirituality. Maite & Pablo fulfill their dreams and find in us the accompaniment with mysticism that makes us different because we are also convinced that we were called to do so. For this reason, Maite & Pablo did not want the ceremony to be interrupted by external technology, they decided to keep the cellphones of all the guests in a bag made of fabric by Maite herself so that everyone could really enjoy the spirituality of the day. Life energy.






Next to the cave with the platform that is used for the ceremony, there is another incredible natural formation suitable for the perfect reception and also for prehispanic dances. The couple decided to have them to seal the energy of the ceremony and thus be able to enjoy an incredible moment together with their family and friends. Really a wonderful experience.

Letting yourself be carried along by divine energies is leaving in their hands what each one cannot achieve alone; but divinity knows what each one needs in the exact moment, in the precise moment and we are only the instruments to achieve dreams; trusting us and yourself, we will achieve that your union is truly in high dimensions of love.

Contact us to organize your personalized wedding in a great nature location.

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